Prices and Membership!

Our mission is to share the understanding of Sound Treatments with all, who are interested in learning about themselves and let others experience the same. Therefore we try to have an easy affordable price structure, so that everybody can learn from us.

Each level of a 3 day Sound Treatment Course: USD 210

Package of 2 levels of Sound Treatment Courses: USD 380

Summer Academy Package: USD 700

Daily fee for any other workshops: USD 70


Novice Membership (50% discount on all Training units for one year, despite summer academy package): USD 300

Master Membership (50% discount on all Training units and treatments for two year): USD 650

Teaching invitations:

We are happy to accept teaching inivitations and come to your place to share our knowledge. We have a simple structure for providing those training units in your country. We charge USD 85 per person and day and cover all our costs for accomodation and transportation on our own. You only need to provide a training room and a translator, if necessarily. You may do this voluntarily or to make a little income.


Should you feel drawn to our work and ideas, we invite you to donate us. Donation will be used to support students from economic difficult countries, by either inviting them to us or to organize a training unit in their home region. We see our work as developement work for the Voice of the Soul to be understood and heard in the World.