Light Spirit, Sound healing centre Bali

Sound Therapy Training for psychological well being

About Us

Light Spirit is the longest established Sound Therapy centre in Bali. It started as a small treatment centre in Ubud, which became soon an internationally well-known centre and has been visited by people from all over the world. Many prominent clients from art and politics have found their way into Light Spirit centre (like the Dutch minister, Japanese and American actors and musicians, a.s.o.).

Sound Terapy is an ancient way to treat on a very deep level. It can reach our body and mind and leave a memorable expirience. We have adopted this ancient treatment into modern scientific understanding and use vibrations to improve well being and assist with various common psychological challenges like depression, insomnia, stress and discontentment. Our treatments work through achieving a deeply relaxed state and explore the disharmonies in our way of thinking. We therefore also give simple recommendation how to achieve harmony through 'thinking well'. 

Our aim is to keep our treatments (and the teachings of them) innocent, by offering vibrations for relaxation and self healing. We use practical interpretations through the laws of physics and psychology to understand our clients journey and their challenges. We help our clients by guiding them to find their own beautiful destined path in life. We always show utmost compassion and tolerance for any other belief system and gently integrate them as and where it is needed.

We understand, that the only vibrational energy within us is from God and we leave it up to HIM to alter and move the energy given by HIM. We may use words such as God, Consciousness, or Higher Consciousness as an expression, whatever feels right to your heart because here in this space- all is one!